Finding A Long-Term Rental In San Pedro

Is finding a rental in Belize beginning to make your head spin? I know the feeling; I researched and considered several options while in the planning phase of our move. I even came as close as lifting my pen to sign a lease contract while I was still back in Canada before deciding last-minute that I would rather go to Belize blind and check out each place in person. Crazy, I know! Especially traveling with two children, I was advised time and again by different realtors and property management companies that I'd be wise to secure a rental before making the trip. Probably sound advice but I'm stubborn and always do what I'm told not to do so I came down just before Christmas (peak, PEAK season) and tried to find a six month rental. Hahahahahaha!

Well, that was about the response I got time and again when I arrived and inquired in person about each of the places that ended up on my short list. Fortunately I got lucky and was able to get a six month rental at a decent condo complex that had full resort amenities like pool, bar restaurant and 24 hr security for a reasonable price of $1,200 U.S./month.

There are several good realtors and property management companies in Belize and specifically in San Pedro that you can use to help you find the right rental. Please don't get discouraged if some of them seem a bit abrupt when you contact them and keep in mind that most realtors prefer to handle real estate sales but will happily point you in the right direction.

*Quick tip: when inquiring about a property, be sure to ask what it's proximity is to San Pedro town as you could end up very isolated, too far North or South. If you're told that the house is any more than 3 miles out either way, I would want to physically check out the location before signing a lease. Personally, I don't mind isolation... rather, I prefer it but it's not for everyone, especially if you aren't planning on buying a golf cart right away. Walking or even biking any more than 2 - 3 miles into town to run errands can be torturous on those really hot days.

I found Keith Newton from B-Lease Property Management to be the most personable, easy-going guy to work with. He responds quickly to inquiries and really goes over and above to offer even more info than you might think to ask. The best way to find out about current listings is to email Keith directly as I'm not aware of a full-service website at this point with advanced search options and prices/images placed all together. However an abundance of photos are available for viewing online and as I mentioned, Keith is very quick to respond to inquiries so you shouldn't have any trouble at all getting the details on listings that interest you.

If you choose a B-Lease listing, you can be assured that all of your maintenance needs will be attended to quickly and efficiently. (Well, as quickly as can be expected when you're on island time anyway!) Very important when your water goes out mid-shower or the refrigerator decides to die on you after a big shopping trip! It is from personal experience that I am able to comment on the integrity and quality of services provided by B-Lease. You truly can't go wrong with this property manager; Keith is awesome!

What Do You Get For Your Dollar In San Pedro?

Here are some examples of different rentals and their cost:

Average North American Style Condo $1,200 - $1,500 US (+ utilities)

In this price range you can expect to find a nicely furnished two bedroom, two bath condo, 4 appliances, usually within walking distance to shopping, dining out with ocean view, 24 hr security, pool, bar/restaurant or you might find a 2-3 bedroom house with a small yard and no pool but wherever you are in town, the beach is never more than a 5 min walk away.

*Notes: If busybodies aren't your thing then don't opt for a community-style condo. It can quickly become a nightmare for the more private type.

Budget North American Style Accommodations $600 US monthly (+ utilities)

In this price range, I found something interesting. This is a one bedroom hotel type accommodation which is lacking in space and a comfortable living area as you can see in the photo below, but does have a full kitchen equipped with pots/pans, dishes, utensils etc, swimming pool, TV with cable, free wifi in pool area, shared gas BBQ and on-site coin-op laundry facility where you can wash or dry for $5BZD/load. With this option you also have linens/towels provided; no need to buy anything but you do need to tend to your own housekeeping and laundry. *Housekeeping is optional for an additional cost of $30 BZD a pop which I think is a bit much for a single room but they will wash and fold your laundry.
*Notes: Although you will find a bit more privacy here, your neighbors are still very close. This would be a good choice for a quiet, single person.

Traditional Belizean Style Home $450 US (+ utilities)

This simple yet charming, wooden studio house also offers a fully equipped kitchen, three appliances, private, fenced yard with bonfire pit and secure golf cart parking and is a steal in terms of average San Pedro housing costs. As opposed to the 1 bedroom above, this rental sleeps four rather than just two thanks to the double futon in the living area. Linens are provided here as well and housekeeping can be arranged. Average monthly utility costs range $100 - $150 US for electricity, water and butane depending on usage.

Do you enjoy a more laid back lifestyle that includes music, bonfires, children or furry friends? "No problem!"

So, there you have it...  something for every lifestyle and budget, right here in San Pedro!

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  1. Maggie Says:

    Hi would you have Keith's email? My husband and I are having the same head spinning issue you describe. We have 3 dogs we would be traveling with so that makes matters more difficult.

    I'm trying to convince my husband to go to Belize and meet with an agent in person to secure a place but he wants to start a relationship with one before the trip as to not waste time.

  2. Ms. X Says:

    Hi Maggie, you can reach Keith via email at and if for whatever reason that doesn't work please email me directly ( and I will give you an alternate email address for him.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Mandy -

    mom from Canada relocating to San Pedro Right away - can you email me and lets chat... would love to ask you a few things. :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Many - love your info/webpage and been scouring your FB page also. I have a few questions about San Pedro and relocating. I'm sure you went through it all (times ten with kids). Wondering if I we can email/talk sometime?

    Keep up the writing and good work!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Just wondering how safe it would be for a single lady to live in the Belizean style house? Safety is my main concern living alone. What about walking alone; day or night? Of course, not like midnight.

  6. Ms. X Says:

    Thanks adventurous! I'd love to help. You can send me an email ( I just got back online after a computer issue so just give me a few days to catch up and I'll try to answer your questions the best I can.

    Anon, in terms of safety I'd say you have to be comfortable with where you are. I can tell you all day long that a Belizean style house/neighborhood is completely safe but if you find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder and double checking that your doors are locked at night then my advice is of no use. In our experience San Pedro is safe when you use common sense and take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your property. As you saw in a previous post, our house was broken into, yet I'd still say our neighborhood is safe. We left the house empty at night during a trip back home which is a big no-no. Word travels fast in a small community and most everyone knew we were leaving for an extended period. Had we been home at the time I'm very confident that the burglary wouldn't have taken place. That's where the individual comfort level comes into play; we got to know many of our Belizean neighbors who reassured me that we were safe and offered their help if we ever had a situation at the house. There are many neighborhood watch groups forming as well in different parts of San Pedro that are making a big difference. I think this is a wonderful idea, especially since emergency response from the police is pretty much nonexistent.

    I would like to stress how safe we felt out walking the streets of SP both day & night. My kids (8&11) have always taken their bikes or walked with the dog to the restaurants/grocery stores on our main st. or to fish on the beach with no concerns during the day. I walk with them at night and all we've ever met was a smiling neighbor or a rambunctious dog. (The local dogs seem to beef up their bark after dark, like they know they're on duty!) Occasionally we stroll home from downtown and the walk is always thoroughly enjoyable. San Pedro is quite lively at night with street vendors emerging after dark and the sounds of talking & laughter fills the streets. There are also a lot of religious services held (usually on someone's front lawn) after dark in our area. We've been invited several times; it's a great way to get out and meet the locals. Knowing most of the faces you meet on the streets makes a big difference in the level of personal safety you will feel.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You can also contact Shoreline Solutions, they are quite a large Property Management Company very accomodating in San Pedro dealing with both Vacation Rental and Long Term Rental both North and South of the Island. They also deal with Relocation Services. Check out there website at

  8. Jada Says:

    Hello All,
    Well my Husband and I are looking to move down from Florida for 6 months while looking for a more permanent house to buy and was wondering if anyone knows of a place in San Pedro for rent?
    Were looking for more of the Belizean Style Home or a Casita, we will be bringing our boxer Murphy with us and need a pet friendly place. Please email me if you have any info:
    Thank You Jada

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I'm a single mom... my daughter is married and on her own so it would and my 16 yr old moving. my question is are there any decent jobs avalible arround sp? and what kind of visa if any would i need to aquire. I'm ready to move two months ago but have not got for it yet.

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  12. Hi, would u give me Keith's email address? I'm relocating to San Pedro and need somewhere fast.


  13. We are coming to Belize in April and need a place to stay for a month. It needs to be furnished, clean, and safe. We have four kids but only need two double beds or something similar. We are looking to pay about $650. Not sure what area yet. Need options. Thanks, Tina

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I am very interested in moving to Belize in the near future. Could you email me so I can ask more questions about rentals?
    Thank much

  15. Jean Holman Says:

    I am looking for an inexpensive extended stay rental in Belize that will allow me to bring my 80 lb. 9 yr. old dog, and my Blue and Gold Macaw with me. Also looking for internet and cable. My budget is about $6 - 700/month. Any suggestions?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, that was an informative and well-laid out post! Very helpful.
    I am a Canadian lady looking at Belize as a possible place to spend some months (or years!). A friend and I are coming to see San Pedro and also St. Ignatio in March, for a few days each, to check out options.
    In terms of being able to stay long term, are there any ways for a McGill educated teacher with 25 years experience (mostly in elementary schools) to make any money out there? I notice there is a high school.
    I would appreciate any advice!
    Kathryn from Toronto

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Are there any companies that deal with short-term rentals of a month or 2? Thanks for your reply!

  18. Ms. X Says:

    Hi all... wow, a lot of comments on rental properties! I guess my best advice would be for you to contact a property management company or realtor who deals in rentals both on the mainland as well as in San Pedro if you're undecided about which area you would like to stay. I'm not sure about vacation rentals (which I'm thinking a stay less than 2 months would be.)
    In all honesty I think that Paz Villas on the south side of Ambergris Caye, near Marina's store would suit just about all of you! It is inexpensive, safe and you can stay for a week or a year. They will adjust price depending on how long you stay. For longer term stays you pay rent + utilities and have the option of using their housekeeping services or doing it yourself if you'd like to keep expenses down. If you would like further info please email me at

    Good luck everyone!

  19. Unknown Says:

    i would like to hear from any of you canadians who have moved there with children.
    recommended schools and areas to live? we also have 2 dogs so would like to hear from anyone who have brought their dogs to belize. they are large dogs so would need fenced in yard.

  20. We at B-Lease Management would be happy to help any and all on their search for suitable long-term rentals in San Pedro. Please feel free to contact us at

  21. We at B-Lease Management would be happy to help any and all on their search for suitable long-term rentals in San Pedro. Please feel free to contact us at

  22. Ms. X Says:

    Thanks so much for the updated contact info William!

  23. I'm having a hard time narrowing my search for a place to settle. Do you have any knowledge or info of other areas of the country? I'm a pretty private person and I'm afraid San Pedro may be too busy or commercial for my taste.

  24. iceman Says:

    Could you or someone else comment on the business environment, I am looking to make a decision on expanding into Belize. My only concern is that I have only been there once, and that was from a cruise ship. Any suggestions? Thanks

  25. Ms. X Says:

    I may not be the best person to comment on this... depends on your business I suppose but I would be very thorough in researching beforehand. You will definitely need to visit and speak with the right people. Just go... and start talking, someone will point you in the right direction.

  26. iceman Says:

    Yes, thank you. I was wondering if you have any one you could recommend to me for a "long term lease" in Placentia?

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Interested in the Traditional Beliziean style home, $450/mn
    Please email or call
    256-217-9291 ct zone call anytime

  28. Mandy, I am having this exact problem. Can you tell me how you like living in Belize? How old are your children and how are they adapting?

  29. Ms. X Says:

    The kids were 7 & 9 when we made our move to Belize. Other than being fussy eaters it was like they had been born there. Both have told me that they feel it should have been their birthplace, that's how well they adapted! Kids will never cease to amaze us!

  30. BlackDolphin Says:

    Hey. Looking to move to Central America in early 2015, Belize, Costa Rica or Panama. Ambergris Caye is no. 1 on the list. Where do I look for long term rentals like these?

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Maggie! How did the move go? We are doing the same with our rottweiler and I can't find any info on how accepted they are in rental apartments :) we would long to hear any advice you can give us :)

  32. Mandy Says:

    I received this comment from Kathleen Drew but accidentally deleted it. (Too much Bailey's in my coffee this morning!)

    "My husband and I are looking for a place to stay this winter from January till the end of April. Everyone we have contacted so far , wants a 6mos minimum . Can anyone help with suggestions or contacts. We are looking for a 2 bedroom , with kitchen facilities , no more then a mile and a half from town. AC and WIFI. please contact me at"

    Kathleen, what comes to mind for me is Paz Villas... it's a bit south of town but in a great neighborhood and conveniently located near Marina's grocery store, Super Buy South, medical clinic, pharmacy and a variety of street food vendors.

    If anyone else has ideas please contact Kathleen... thanks!

  33. Anonymous Says:


    My wife and two young children and I want to live in Belize for a year or so....while we wait for her Canadian Visa to come can we do that....I read that we are allowed to stay a maximum of six months every year.

  34. Mandy Says:

    I'm not aware of any limit on how long you can continue to renew your tourist visa in Belize... we haven't run into any problems so far but we do come and go. Can anyone else comment on this?

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    Thanks for sharing with us.
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  36. jwenger21 Says:

    Hey Mandy just wondering how difficult it is to stay in Belize for more than a month. I am considering on moving there for a year plus. From what I am reading it seams like a real headache if you want to stay for a significant amount of time and also obtaining work papers. Any info would help
    Thanks -Jared

  37. Mandy Says:

    Hi Jared... sorry for the delay. Life's been a little crazy! It's not difficult at all to stay in Belize long term as a tourist, just go into the immigration office, pay a nominal fee and have your passport stamped every 30 days. Work permits, business licensing etc is another story but it is my understanding that if you're willing to pay a few thousand dollars you can have everything expedited. On that I would get to know a few expat business owners and ask them who helped them. Someone will point you in the right direction. I had a few offers myself but found that continuing to work for my Canadian employer while in Belize was the easiest option.

  38. Loicy Says:

    Hi Mandy !! My brother and I are interested in a long term rental ( possibly the traditional style home for US 450.00 month ). We are both semi- disabled and the cold winters kill us, so we are hunting for something warm, warm, warm, LOL Could you email me at : with info if you don`t mind ? we really would appreciate it. We are two french speaking Cajuns from SW La. Thank you for any help. Sincerely , Loicy Bourque

  39. Anonymous Says:

    "Recently retired couple, late fifties seeking to spend January - April 2016 on Ambergris Caye seeking a 2-bed, 2-bath or larger condo or house. Preferably on the beach or very close. All-around handy man and woman Will consider residing in a home that needs upgrades in exchange for reduced rent. Skills: hang ceiling fans, plumbing, wiring, tile work, painting, carpentry, pet sitting, pool cleaning… Happy to Skype to introduce ourselves and gain more information on the residence. Contact: Tel: 01-317-608-8942."

  40. meme Says:

    How to even begin. I have found nothing going step by step instructions. Also Medical facilities, insurances for health, pets to bring on trip,shots, money, dollar is worth, places not to live, total costs, what and how when and where. Is there a web site that puts all down with an understanding simple to follow? We found this by accident and it seems to be the best so far. Thank you for your consideration.

  41. Hi Meme this landed in my in box. Contact me at I have brought my US service dog Wrigley here 3 times without a hitch just have the right paperwork something's people say you need things that you don't. As far as finding a place long term it's Definitely not what you know, but who you know. I used to come here without a clue where I would spend the night. Every time I would ask around taxi drivers etc... People are friendly here and will go out of there way to help you out... Trust your judgment though. Jayson

  42. Hi Meme this landed in my in box. Contact me at I have brought my US service dog Wrigley here 3 times without a hitch just have the right paperwork something's people say you need things that you don't. As far as finding a place long term it's Definitely not what you know, but who you know. I used to come here without a clue where I would spend the night. Every time I would ask around taxi drivers etc... People are friendly here and will go out of there way to help you out... Trust your judgment though. Jayson

  43. Mandy Says:

    So true Jayson! I would also recommend following TacoGirl and San Pedro Scoop for lots of useful info. Facebook pages/groups are also a great way to connect with current residents who can help you navigate all of these things :)

  44. Djadai Says:

    When I travel i always use Rentalo when it comes to renting apratments,houses ,etc.They really do offer high end services and they always do their best to satisfy their clients.

  45. Zem Karlos Says:

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  46. John Eaton Says:

    Hi im John Eaton im retired on soc sec 2224mo im widowed n want to move to Belize I should be able to come August can someone direct me where to go for long term rental close to town 600 to 800mo also i get paid from soc sec on a Mastercard debit card wil it work there like atm thanks John Eaton

  47. Hi I am looking for the contact information for Belizean style ($450+) homes. My children and I just returned from the island and would like to return to live for 3-6 months. My email is

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