San Pedro Report Card

What overall grade would you give San Pedro? I was recently asked how I would grade this area and after much consideration I gave it a B- which really isn't bad. I sort of surprised myself, especially after all the recent complaining I've been doing here. I suppose the bugs, scarcity of certain items and high cost of American comforts are balanced by the natural beauty, tropical climate, safety, laid-back lifestyle and friendly people of Belize.

Of course it's not the polished, upscale location that say, the Bahamas or Caymens are but then again the cost of living is still far less than either of those two places and of course the residency requirements are far less stringent in Belize. The beauty here is raw and natural. One must be able to see past a few piles of washed up sea-grass on the beach to appreciate the beauty at times. As well, you won't find a Rolex retail store here but what you will find is a cold beer, a warm, sunny beach, swaying palm trees, simple yet delicious food and great company. The way I see it, what more can you ask for?

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