So You Wanna Be a Reef-Rat?

We can help! Follow us along our journey south to San Pedro, Belize and find out exactly how you can enjoy all this beautiful country has to offer as an expat yourself. I'm very excited to bring this information to my fellow dreamers who wish to escape it all like we did! This blog is for the many friends, family as well as the contacts we have made since the inception of this dream who have asked so many questions about our experience. I certainly don't know everything there is to know about this country but as I'm sure you are aware, all of the basic facts abound on the internet. This site is to answer your questions HONESTLY, no subscription or membership required. I'm here to tell you what all the research in the world won't tell you, what the other websites and blogs don't want you to know. It is to give you a real life glimpse into what moving to Belize is like. In other words, the RAW TRUTH. You won't find any candy coating here. What I think you will find at the end of the day though is that Belize (and specifically San Pedro) is a beautiful place with it's ups and downs just like any other location. Our hope is that you will see Belize for what it is and still consider relocating here.

Here's to living your dream!

**Stay tuned for regular updates and new additions to the fun here! In the meantime please feel free to use the comment section below to leave any specific questions you may have or any topics you'd like to see added. I will do my best to bring you the information you are looking for as promptly as I can.**

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