Do You "Belize" In Love?

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Seriously?  Sorry ABC but you're going to have to do better than that to recruit me as a regular Bachelor viewer! Perhaps it's just that I'm not the romantic type at all but the only thing that held my attention during the recent episode was the strategic camera work which showcased the beautiful side of San Pedro. From the camera's perspective, it was breathtaking. And don't get me wrong, it really is beautiful; I just wish I had "zoom vision" so I could cut certain things out of the scene in reality. Like the trash that washes up on shore or the crown of mosquitoes everyone seems to wear at dusk. Ah well, that's the price you pay for raw, natural beauty I suppose.

As you can see I'm more of a realist that a romantic so I'm not sure if I'm the right person to address one of the biggest questions I've been asked: "What is the single/dating scene like in San Pedro?" 

I could answer this any one of several ways... I could say "Well, depends on your age group..." or "Go to Wet Willy's on a Wednesday night..." or "Hmm, what's your sign?" but alas, I will spare you the Cupid act and simply say:

Here is the reality, whatever the Universe has in store for you will be found wherever you are so relax, take in the beauty. Have a couple of cold beverages to help with your "zoom vision" and take pleasure in the moment. "Just be..." and needless to say don't allow the magical charm of a tropical location to rush you into anything. I mean really, ask yourself why you want a ball & chain so badly anyway... okay okay, just because I don't "Belize" in love doesn't make me a bad person, jeesh!

I know, time for me to jump back into the pool isn't it? Alright then... SPLASH!! 

'til next time!

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