San Pedro Drama Club

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Well that didn't take long! I've only been here two months and seven days and I have officially been inducted into the SPCD...

"Is this some sort of artsy, exclusive 'members only' club?" you ask. Naw, it's just the same old run of the mill circle of gossipers found in most small communities. You know the type, small-minded individuals who have nothing better to do with their time than pass judgement on others without knowing half what they need to in order to at least pass a somewhat accurate judgement.

I hate to disappoint but they will soon learn as so many before them have... I believe that what others think of me or my life decisions is really none of my business. Fortunately for me, this initiation makes for an entertaining blog post... and nothing more :)

Those who know me and my family can tell you that it doesn't take long for us to spark controversy wherever we go, especially in a small community. You know, what with our alcoholism, wife swapping lifestyle, delinquent children, ties to organized crime and that purple dragon thing that we keep locked in the basement. I mean, how can we not, right?

Part of my mission to elevate human consciousness involves eradicating judgement and in order to do so I must not judge those who judge me. Too deep? Sorry, I'll keep it light here. I just want to say that when it comes to this game, let it be known that I am no fun. I won't engage in it, period... nope, not gonna play! You'll just have to go find another willing embezzler or wife beater to play this game that never seems to get old for some.

Wishing love & light to all that inspired this post :)

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