What To Pack

As we settle in to our new place here in San Pedro we are constantly being reminded that we're "not in Kansas anymore". So I constantly remind myself that you've got to take the good with the bad. As much as we love the sunshine and beauty of island life, the downside is that we're always discovering a little comfort of home that we can't find here. (Or that is ridiculously overpriced.) These are the things that I highly recommend you squeeze into that suitcase or container if it's the last thing you do!

  • linens (towels here seem to be very poor quality and we haven't been able to find sheets with a decent thread count, which may not seem like a big deal... until you get your first sunburn!) 
  • good quality cookware
  • clothing & footwear (don't come to Belize thinking that you will pick up what you need when you get here... clothing has been one of our biggest challenges, even at the big box stores in Mexico)
  • non-toxic products (from lawn care to toiletries, everything here is loaded with all those chemicals that have been banned at home... shame on you if you think this is a good thing!) 
  • decent razor & spare blades
  • hair accessories 
  • certain medications (check with your doc)
  • diabetes test strips 
  • electronics (I can't stress this one enough; the cost of electronics in Belize is outrageous due to import costs so bring one of everything!)
  • kids toys (all we can find here are plastic, made in china junk toys and the battery operated helicopter that we paid top dollar for didn't work when it was opened on Christmas morning, of course the store wouldn't take it back... don't get me going!)
  • Sunglasses (can't find anything yet other than the plastic, dime store variety)

Check back for updates frequently as I'm sure this list will continue to grow rapidly!
*(happy to report that I have taken Stevia off the list... it can be found at "Go Nature" here in SP. It is also grown at Sol Farms on the mainland.)
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