Cabin Fever

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I've been feeling a little like Jack Torrence lately since I've decided to put my nose to the grindstone and catch up on a few work-related projects. Some days over the past week Ive been too busy to eat or sleep so needless to say the kids are getting ants in their pants, anxiously awaiting the day when I can put the work aside and take them out for an ice cream or a leisurely stroll on the beach.

As much as I would love to hang out and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having lately, I honestly just haven't been able to. The number of fights in the house has jumped considerably over the past 4-5 days and I think I've begun to hear echoes of Delbert Grady's voice in my mind... "Perhaps they need a good talking to if you don't mind my saying so..." (gotta love The Shining!)

Fortunately for all parties, I am closing in on the end of my long to-do list and we will be able to slow down a little again (it also helps that I have found a regular nanny and started to get them out of the house while I work) but all this chaos has made me realize the true downside to living so far away from friends and family when you have children. It's not just physical cabin fever that we are experiencing. There is definitely a metaphoric sense of the same that comes from the isolation we feel being so far from home. I'm feeling it and I know they are feeling it as well.

No matter how many different swimming pools they visit, new friends they meet or new creatures they discover in the lagoon or ocean, kids (and some adults) are still going to miss the company of their loved ones. Distraction is only effective for so long. I think it's time I put the work down and relieve the nanny for an afternoon. I know it'll certainly do me good to hush Delbert Grady and get the hell outta here for a while. A long stroll along the beach and some ice cream from Manelli's is definitely in order while we plan a much needed visit with family.
Ah the joys of balancing work, parenting and living an expat life :)


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